Sustainable development integrated at the heart of our activities

Dear reader,

We are pleased to share with you this third Sustainability Report. The aim is to present you with the progress we made in 2023 with regard to ESG.

Based on our Sustainable Development Charter, our actions contribute to the UN’s Goals of the 2030 Agenda and the Federal Council’s strategy. Our Bank also meets sustainability reporting standards based on the principle of double materiality, among other things. We set both performance targets and targets for social and environmental commitments.

In 2023, our Bank committed to implement two new guidelines issued by the Swiss Bankers Association. While the first concerns the integration of ESG preferences and risks in investment advice and asset management, the second concerns mortgage providers seeking to improve the energy efficiency of buildings. We provided training to our employees in recent months to ensure that we could implement these guidelines as early as 2024. This demanding task was a critical step in our effort to raise awareness with respect to the importance of ESG challenges.

Our advisors are now in a position to offer their clients ESG added value. Whether to build or renovate a property while meeting current energy standards, or investing more responsibly, the ESG criteria are part of our daily business policy.

Our customers can also use an online calculator to assess the costs and planning of their renovation work. They also have the opportunity to get a sustainability report on their investment portfolio. In addition, all BCF/FKB funds are assigned a sustainability rating.

Several social and environmental commitment measures implemented by BCF are described in this report. As truly impactful stakeholders in this change, our employees have a key role to play. To show the many facets of their ESG activities, we have chosen to highlight them with photographs
illustrating the following chapters.

Supporting the economy, serving the people of Fribourg or renovating our buildings, our institution is committed to building a sustainable future for its clients and for the citizens of the Canton.

Alex Geissbühler
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Daniel Wenger
Chairman of the Executive Management