BCF supports local businesses, thus helping to preserve jobs and training places in the canton. It helps companies in the various phases of their development.

BCF’s economic activity consists of generating a lasting positive effect for its various stakeholders. BCF finances municipalities, public companies, semi-private public institutions, social organisations and public utility organisations. Directly or indirectly, these loans are in the public interest and include a social component.

In 2023, BCF took part in the Union of Swiss Cantonal Banks’ study on sustainable development, which noted that the general public found it difficult to make the connection between sustainable development and cantonal banks. It also pointed out that sustainable financial products were still not well known. The study recommended that the cantonal banks communicate with examples.

This report and the Bank’s publications on social networks are in line with this recommendation. In 2023, BCF continued its presence on the social networks Instagram and LinkedIn. It used these two communication channels in particular to highlight its social and environmental commitment.

At the heart of Fribourg society

Every year, BCF supports sports and cultural projects and events throughout the canton. It is committed to those who make the region dynamic and make Fribourg shine, for all citizens. It sponsors numerous cultural, sporting and social projects and events that allow the people of Fribourg to experience moments of discovery and emotion. It actively participates in the well-being of the population.

In 2023, the Bank contributed CHF 3.9 million to the development of culture, sport and education. The partnerships are aimed at long-term collaboration (generally 3 years, renewable). The partner associations can count on a fixed contribution. The Bank has concluded more than 100 partnerships that strengthen its brand image and support its commercial strategy. These partnerships enable the bank to have a privileged contact with nearly a thousand clubs and companies affiliated with the various umbrella organisations.

BCF does not support individual athletes, motorized and extreme sports, violent sports and activities that have a negative impact on the environment. It only supports projects and events whose benefits are intended to be used in the canton of Fribourg.

BCF has partnerships with the Fribourg Association of Young Musicians, the BCF Elfic Fribourg and the Fribourg Ski and Snowboard Association. It also supports the following events and associations: Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the canton of Fribourg, Contingent des Grenadiers fribourgeois, Équilibre-Nuithonie, Fédération fribourgeoise des chorales, Fédération fribourgeoise des sports équestres, Festival International de Films de Fribourg, Festival Murten Classics, Fribourg Natation, Fribourg Olympic Basket, FriUp, Rencontres de folklore internationales (RFI), Société cantonale des musiques fribourgeoises, Team AFF-FFV, University of Fribourg and Volley Düdingen.

BCF supports the canton’s flagship club, HC Fribourg-Gottéron, which plays its home games in the BCF Arena.

In 2023, BCF debit card holders were able to benefit from favorable conditions with the following partners: Arena Cinémas Fribourg, Les Bains de la Gruyère, Urbanspa, Papiliorama, Hostellerie am Schwarzsee, Association Ile d’Ogoz and the Générations magazine.

The Foundation of the Banque Cantonale de Fribourg, created on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the BCF in 1992, also participates in the support of the regional associative fabric. With a capital of 2.25 million francs, it will promote the implementation and development of cultural, artistic and scientific projects. Since its creation, it has invested more than one million francs in important projects that mark the life of the canton of Fribourg. In 2023, the Foundation supported the 40-year-old era of Fri-Son, the emblem of Fribourg’s musical culture, whose reputation extends far beyond cantonal boundaries. During a whole September weekend, 23 groups, 85 artists and above all 5,000 spectators celebrated the anniversary of the mythical hall, under the motto « Viertante Quarzig ». The Fondation de la BCF also committed to publishing the new edition of the Senslerdeutsches Wörterbuch, the second skin exhibition of the tramway workshop, the Buntspecht spectacle of the junges Theater Kerzers, the Requiem truminium concert and the acquisition by SMEM of
the musical instrument «Orbita».

BCF is actively involved in the «4 Pillars of the Fribourg Economy (4P)» with the Établissement cantonal d’assurance des bâtiments (ECAB), Groupe E and the Transports publics fribourgeois (TPF). The basic mission of the 4P is to support large-scale projects with a sustainable vocation, in various fields (culture, health, social, sport, etc.).

Raising awareness of financial issues

BCF makes its economic publications and market commentaries available. In addition, the Bank offers various useful tools on its e-banking platform to help clients better manage their finances by knowing the structure of their expenses and income. Other practical information is published in the product brochures. BCF is gradually developing and testing new services to inform interested parties about financial, social, ecological and technological issues and to promote dialogue.

BCF offers several opportunities for young clients to open their first account. It also supports them in learning how to manage their finances, among other things through its participation in the Finance-Mission project. Together with other cantonal banks and two educational associations, BCF founded the «Finance-Mission» association, which aims to help young people learn how to manage their finances (https://financemission.ch/fr/).

The association proposes an offer aligned with the study plans and an interactive teaching tool for use in secondary I schools. The objective is to deepen basic financial skills knowing the financial impact of projected investments, establishing a budget, planning income, prioritizing expenses and saving and to offer young people the opportunity to compare their values in relation to money and consumption with those of other young people their age.

Responsible organisations are guided by ethical principles in their commitment through the association. For example, they do not influence the educational offer, do not advertise products and do not seek to acquire customers.

A win-win option

The canton of Fribourg benefits directly from BCF’s success. In 2023, the Bank assumed its full role as a contributor by paying 85.8 million francs to the cantons, municipalities and parishes. This includes taxes, compensation for the State guarantee, the interest on the endowment capital and an extraordinary payment of CHF 19.5⎵million to the canton. The majority of employees are also subject to taxes in the canton of Fribourg, which also represents a contribution to the public finances of each of the municipalities concerned.

Benefits for everyone

Account management (basic services: savings, pension provision, payment transactions), cards (individual services), custody account management or safe-deposit boxes are services accessible to the entire population with a connection with the Bank’s economic area. There is no exclusion criterion. For example, BCF is one of the few banks that does not set asset-based account fees. Basic services are offered to all customers, free of charge or for a few specific services at very competitive prices.

Sustainable procurement

In order to minimise negative impacts along the supply chain, BCF takes sustainability aspects into account when placing an order. Wherever possible, BCF uses suppliers located within its own business area to support small and medium-sized enterprises. When it buys products or assigns a mandate to a provider, sustainability considerations are taken into account.

Objectives 2024-2027

  • We pass the majority of our contracts on to suppliers operating in our canton.
  • We are committed to more than 500 sports, cultural, economic and social associations, clubs and events throughout the canton. In order to support the development of the canton, an annual budget of around 4 million francs is allocated for sponsorship.
  • We give special support to the training of young people in sport, culture and occupation.
  • We are committed to educating young people about responsible money management. Together with the other cantonal banks and the teachers’ unions, we support the FinanceMission association, which aims to develop young people’s knowledge of budget management.
  • through the BCF Foundation, we finance the creation and development of cultural, artistic and scientific projects that have an impact on the general public.
  • our art collection supports artists from the Canton of Fribourg, both emerging and established. An annual budget shall be allocated for the acquisition of works of art.