BCF has been working step by step for years to reduce its impact, despite its strong economic growth.

BCF has set up a «Sustainable Development» task force from the outset, ensuring that all the activities it operates have a cross-cutting impact and thus have a measurable impact on CO2 reduction.

Main activities

Here is a brief summary of the main actions that have led to a reduction in CO2:

Establishment of the «Sustainable Development» working group at BCF

Contracting with Groupe E for thermal insulation (headquarters)

20% increase in the use of Jade electricity

Air cooling of the cooling installation

Replacement of lift engines

First CO2 balance sheet, e-invoice system, limiting impressions

1st LED sign and temporisation of signage on public lighting

2010 Double-sided printing by default, Climate Services silver label, automatic end-of-day shutdown of computers

Certification of e-Banking according to ISO 14064 with investment of CO2 residues issued by clients’ transactions through certificates of a reforestation project in Africa, awareness-raising campaign: Ecosystem services, lighting improvements client zones,
Climate Services gold label

application of the Eco-Design when redesigning its website. To this end, BCF obtained the advice of GreenIT.fr, Breek and GreenIT Consulting to draw up an appropriate specification, which then led to the creation of the book «Eco-conception web / les 100 bonnes pratiques de M. Frédéric Bordage, aux éditions Eyrolles ISBN 978-2-212-13575-6, Norme ISO 26000 introduite, Surveillance à distance des

opening of heating circuits at the head office, energy analysis at the head office, Installation of a new gas boiler at the Vuisternens-devant-Romont branch

Replacement of 232 thermostatic valves at headquarters, replacement of windows at Charmey branch, systematic double-sided printing

New LED lighting in the seat basement, partial replacement of the seat glazing, connection of the Morat branch to district heating

Replacement of the balance of the office glazing at the headquarters, additional insulation to the lock ceiling and installation of LED lighting at the headquarters, renovation of the exterior of the building of the Estavayer-le-Lac branch, replacement of windows and installation of a partial insulation of the courtyard at the headquarters

Eco-geste, creation of an e-learning on sustainability for all BCF employees

Following various reflections since 2014, the ISO 14024-certified Carbon Fri Foundation was founded in February 2018 by Banque Cantonale de Fribourg, Chambre de commerce et d’industrie du canton de Fribourg and Industry, and Climate Services.

BCF First sustainability Charter

Creating a BCF ESG mandate

New ESG Charter incorporating SDG targets

First sustainability Report 2021

New sustainability Report 2022 with a new visual identity and the creation of two micro-sites, https://rg.bcf.ch and https://esg.bcf.ch for more targeted
research of the ESG information made available to BCF

Alignment of the two SBA Directives:
– Guidelines for financial service providers on the integration of ESG preferences and ESG risks into investment advice and wealth management through the establishment of an investment policy
– Directives for mortgage providers on improving the energy efficiency of buildings by integrating ESG criteria taken into account in the credit field Preparation and validation of a mobility plan, establishment of an investment and credit policy in order to meet the requirements of the SBA Directives voluntarily.
Establishment of the process of verifying the traceability of gold on purchases and sales.

Recurring annual activities

From and until today:

Preparation of the CO2 balance sheet certified with a plan of measures

Certification of e-Banking according to ISO 14064 with investment of CO2 residues issued by the client’s transactions through certificates of a reforestation project in Africa, then in the Carbon Fri Foundation.

Preparation of the online bank’s CO2 balance sheet in accordance with ISO 14064 (including bcf.ch applications, mybcf, e-banking, mobile banking)

Fair-On-Pay, renewal of SQS Fair-On-Pay+ certificate, renewed every 2 years

Preparation of the sustainability Report