BCF's long-term vision

BCF has been committed to sustainable development for many years. This orientation is an integral part of the bank’s strategy. The principles of corporate governance guarantee sustainable business management.


Effects of commercial activity

BCF makes an important contribution to the autonomous development of the canton of Fribourg and strengthens the economy of its business area. In the canton of Fribourg, one in two SMEs and one-third of the population have a banking relationship with BCF. As a universal bank, BCF carries out all the usual banking operations and supports the canton and the municipalities in the fulfillment of their missions.

BCF assumes its economic, social and ecological responsibilities and strives to continuously improve its performance in terms of sustainable development. The bank emphasizes a sustainable approach in the region, is committed to cultural and social projects, and supports ecological actions, both within its own company and with its clients. BCF is an important provider of jobs and apprenticeships and, wherever possible, uses suppliers located within its own business area. It is strongly anchored in its area of activity.

In its risk management, BCF assesses environmental and social risks and their effects on the bank and its business operations.

Sustainable development management

BCF’s strategy is geared to long-term success: the bank aims to create sustainable added value instead of short-term profit maximization. As part of its strategy, BCF is striving to ensure that its clients can also rely on it in the future as a leading financial services provider. To this end, the company has defined several objectives. Our business policy is conducted responsibly and aims to maintain an independent and successful bank for the canton, active in all regions.

The strategy defined by the Executive Board in partnership with the Board of Directors forms the basis for BCF’s business policy and positioning in the economic, ecological and social fields.

Sustainable Development Charter

The Executive Board assumes operational responsibility for economic, social and ecological measures. In the Sustainability Charter, it defines its specific objectives. It evaluates their achievement, initiates subsequent measures and ensures that the Bank’s sustainability performance is presented in a transparent manner.

The Sustainability Charter 2022-2026, which is the result of several years of development, includes principles and objectives relating to products and services, to the bank’s responsibility towards its employees and society, and to the environment. It also indicates how BCF contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Download the Sustainable Development Charter (french)

Award-winning bank


In 2020, BCF was awarded the SGS “Fair-ON-Pay+” certificate, which distinguishes it as a fair employer and underlines its sustainable commitment to equal pay. The certificate was confirmed in 2022. It certifies that the bank meets the requirements of the new law on equality between women and men (LEg). Comp-ON SA, an expert and certified company in the field of salary analysis, came to this conclusion.

Carbon Fri

The BCF fulfills all the requirements to obtain the Carbon Frilabel. This local foundation aims to promote a reduction in CO2 emissions by Fribourg companies. This certificate attests that BCF’s CO2 balance sheet has been established by an accredited organisation, guaranteeing compliance with the ISO 14064-1 standard and attesting that BCF has a climate policy and a declaration of intent to reduce CO2 emissions.

FSC certified paper

Over 80% of the paper used by BCF is recycled. 100% of its paper is FSC certified. Thanks to e-documents, BCF offers its customers the possibility of doing without paper mailings. In 2019, BCF replaced its counter receipts with an electronic signature, which corresponds to a saving of 2 million sheets per year.


Since 2019, BCF is certified Hydro by Groupe E SA. 100% of its energy consumption is renewable and comes from local Swiss facilities. The choice of green electricity contributes to the preservation of natural resources and represents a significant gesture in favor of the environment.

IT Services

100% of the services are outsourced to Swisscom, which was voted the world’s most sustainable company in the field of telecommunication companies by World Finance magazine in 2020.